UNII & Der 2te Freund & Herr Penschuck – LIVE !











UNII (Tokyo, Japan)

unii_2014_editUnii is a Japanese singer,songwriter,composer. (ambient/avant-pop/electronic). Born in Sapporo city – northern island in Japan. She has been performed in Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Taipei and more.

Her sensitive voice and floating soundscape make us dreaming. It beyonds the world and touch peoples.
1st LP “new world, sea and your eyes”released from elegantdisc japan (2011). In the album, she made all tracks, mixing and recording by laptop. “Long scene,before sunset” focused ambient/minimal music was released from her own label”Northern Lights” (2014).

Her live performances evoke an awkwardly beautiful and elegant soundscape that brings into existence a slowed-down universe of whispery sing-speak, delicate coos, multitracked echoes, reconstituted field recordings, digital clicks and blips, tempered noise and unorthodox beats.
In this time she collaborates with Samuel Andre’s video. He is a multimedia artist from France.


Der 2te Freund (Bremerhaven)

2015-02-26 17.09.43DER 2TE FREUND is Rolf W. Krooß.

My compositions, sounds and sound collages are diversified and complex. Everything is created in my head and comes to life through experimenting.

To achieve my goals, I use a huge variety of machines and techniques: tape machines, effects units, computers, field recordings, aetherophone, praying machines, and samplers.

“Everything that can make a sound is an instrument for me. A creation is only successful when it leaves traces within the listener. Sounds from the environment and from machines are found, formed and combined to something new. The only boundaries are in my head. However, they are exceeded consequently. First and foremost, music must be moving and there is no need to touch me through its beauty.”

That is the essential rule for me which makes my art understandable – so, harsh noise and musique concrete are only two genres that I am familiar with. Apart from experimental music, I am also active in painting, as well as sound- and video art.


Herr Penschuck (Oldenburg)

HKF_Herr_Penschuck_3190_kl_klherr penschuck, geb. 1966 in melbourne, hat linguistik und kunst studiert.
er lebt seitdem in oldenburg als freier und angewandter grafiker, fotograf und konzeptkünstler.
seit 1991 führt er das erste deutsche stempelmuseum.
als performer rekonstruierte er 2010 erstmals den wahren klang von edvard munchs bildnis der schrei und gründete kürzlich das erste internationale eierschneiderorchester E|S|O, das auf dem oldenburger freifeld festival august 2014 seine premiere hatte.

foto: ©harry köster fotografie oldenburg


Samstag / Saturday, 02.05.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Einlass / Doors: 20:00
Beginn / Start: 21:00 (pünktlich / on time)

empfohlene Spende: Euro 5



Concrete Cosmos, Re-Drum & B°Tong – LIVE !

Please note. This concert will take place on the 4th Saturday of march (28. March 2015). A week earlier than usual.



Concrete Cosmos (Italy)

Concrete Cosmos is a multimedia project by Ivan Re.
The creator is involved in music, sound art, video art and writing.
This performance is frequently showed with Cell infadel/Aekre.
His collaboration enriches the quality and create several layers, textures of sound.
Those sources come by sound synthesis, field recording editing, sampled sound, objects, electroacoustic instruments.
The visual layer is curated by Hmtl://S, whose work of abstraction from filmed reality aims to stimulate the watcher´s optic sense with blurred shapes, sharp colors.
Because of its complicated nature, no more words could be written to describe this performance which has an exact connection on the place and time when it happens.


B°Tong (Switzerland)

B°Tong aka Chris Sigdell is an experimental electronic musician. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures and pioneering ambient soundscapes while cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). A mysterious and shadowy figure he has ended up assembling sounds of such chilling creepiness that it makes Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 sound like a collection of sugar-coated lullabies. The sound of b°tong feels a lot like an agonizingly slow crawl through a dark tunnel where the dim light at the other end never gets closer.
He builds an interesting body of work that moves in various directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft microsound end to the more engaging noise end, in a clever combination of ideas…

Since 2005 he has played more than 200 concerts in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA, and has appeared at various experimental and industrial festivals such as: Norberg Festivalen (S), Temple Of Silence (PL), PNEM (NL), Støy På Landet (N), Monsters Of Rot (IRL), Destroy All Artifacts (UK), Unser Industrie (DE), Ausklang (DE), Shift (CH), Lab30 (DE), Kildemose Festivalen (DK), Zeit Für Lärm (DE), Sinus Series (CH).

b°tong has released over 10 albums on labels like Drone Records (DE), Zoharum Records (PL), Attenuation Circuit (DE), Noecho Records (UK) and Gears Of Sand (USA). b°tong is now signed to Greytone (I) who released “Hostile Environments” on digipack CD and download in 2013. Silken Tofu (B) will release the new album “Prostration Before Infinity” this winter.


Re-Drum (Russia)

Re-Drum is a project of Pavel Aleshin, experimental musician from Russia. He uses field recordings and found sounds, his own voice, acoustic instruments and non musical objects to create a living environment, oscilating from warm calmness to ritualistic depths.
During past years Re-Drum played numerous amount of gigs all over Europe, sharing stage with Tzolk’in, Ratbag, Zbignew Karkowski, Roman Nose, Rovar 17 and others.


Samstag / Saturday, 28.03.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Einlass / Doors: 20:00
Beginn / Start: 21:00 (pünktlich / on time)

empfohlene Spende: Euro 5