Adrian Pereyra & Gerald Fiebig

echokammer 20 / 02. April 2016

The night started out in the chilled atmosphere of EMERGE’s DJ set that was a great start for a lovely spring night.
With Adrian Pereyra and Gerald Fiebig two experienced performers took over the stage at Ganze Bäckerei as a Duo. They presented a whole spectrum of sounds from very subtle, whispering rustling via clear or modified guitar sounds to energetic percussions.

Adrian Peyreyra is an amazingly virtuosic and sensitive guitar player. He interacted with Gerald in most remarkable mindfulness. Melodic, distorted, rhythmic … Adrian is a versatile guitarist. His accuracy and skill were clearly audible. It was a pleasure to see him perform and bring his cool energy to life and the black suede shoes down on the pedals.

Gerald produced unique PET sounds for us. Using disposed plastic containers, bottles and packaging together with his voice, he turned Polyethylene Terephthalate into music and poetry. True Upcycling as promised! In the encore he improvised a song about the rumbling belly of the earth being exploited, plastic particles flooding the water resources and living environments and much more.

A big Thank You to EMERGE, Adrian and Gerald. Thanks also to our understanding audience. We hope that ONTERVJABBIT will have their debut in Augsburg very soon despite the recent problems.
As always you listeners and enthusiasts brought great vibes and interesting discussions to our echokammer event.

Here are some photographic impressions: