Concrete Cosmos, Re-Drum & B°Tong

echokammer 08 / 28. March 2015

The second echokammer of March in the Ganze Bäckerei venue took place on Saturday.

B°Tong aka Chris Sigdell started the show unexpectedly at eactly the right time with lots of power, creepy violations, body tension and his strict dominance over the audience. We were impressed by his stamina, strict voice, dense soundscapes and precise industrial performance. His tools were carefully chosen and masterly used.

Re-Drum / Pavel Aleshin took over and performed his set that was full of elegant aural surprises and layers. An action figure, a violin bow and an artist who knew how to bring joy to the audience and start thought processes spoke to almost all senses.

Concrete Cosmos aka Ivan Re and Cell infadel/Aekre brought their own violin bow and very rhythmical, energetic sound. Live action and interaction combined with samples, Field Recordings and the use of objects were exciting and fast.

A big thank you to all artists and the wonderful audience. We loved meeting you, talking to you and sharing your enthusiasm in new live sound experiences. See you in May!

Here are some photographic impressions:




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