FLAUB & Ingrid Thorwart

echokammer 23 / 13. August 2016

echokammer moved its location, but not its spirit. Even before the music started, people could already watch the drawings of Ingrid Thorwart. Creatures whose silhouettes reminded of Hieronymus Bosch, also portrayed the ways and rules of daily life and combined them with tales of the subconsious. While wild and sketchy, her style also is very precise in capturing thoughts and moments.

flaub brought handmade instruments, electronica and a very capturing live performance. The magic of his film showing the desert, Las Vegas, military airplanes and seemingly monotonous, uninhabited spaces clearly got the attention of the audience. It showed rich details, structures and effects and gave an insight into his observing, attentive mind and someone who has clearly trained to focus and capture objects and landscapes from the right angle. Often one did switch between the screen and flaubs stage show close to it or tried to look at both. It was a gift to us to be allowed to see both together. The sounds ranged from subtle, humming and layering to intense moments.

A big Thank You to our charming artists, Ingrid and Fernando, and their unforgettable shows. Another goes out to our well-respected and perceptive audience. Last, but not least: Merci beaucoup, k15 team, for your support, room and hospitality.

Here are some photographic impressions: