echokammer 21 / 07. May 2016

echokammer in May was an evening to remember.

GHOST FLUTE & DICE (Denmark) is pianist and composer Mikkel Almholt from Denmark. He uses the piano in a multitude of creative ways. He plays not only the keyboard, but also the strings. His hands or drumsticks move fast and in unpredictable patterns. If you would like to see a piano used like a hammered dulcimer, he knows exactly how to make it happen. The sounds he creates are dynamic, electronically altered and often come in layers. Mikkel is a storyteller who does not need a singer or lyrics to make a strong point. We were very moved and grateful to witness his artistic, expressive performance.

KOT KOT (Russia) is singer and synthie player Lena. She took us back to childhood memories and into the world of legends. An old movie with archetypal characters in the background did also help with that. Lena has a sweet, lyrical voice and uses it softly. She told us a bedtime story that was both unique and playful.

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recording: