Harald Lillmeyer + Klaus-Peter Werani & NYM

echokammer 10 / 06. June 2015

In June, the echokammer day was one of hot weather and struggles.

All the more we were delighted to get a dose of abstract drone and a little challenge from the now no longer completely mysterious NYM who played his first live set at our venue. Part of his setup was right within the audience and we still do not know if he made us press the buttons or we pressed his buttons. The mighty soundscape was a first sign of the upcoming thunderstorm. Thank you, NYM!

Harald Lillmeyer and Klaus-Peter Werani started their performance with a masterful pianissimo. Their eyes, hands and instruments (electric guitar, mixer, viola and watering can) were corresponding perfectly and they played several single pieces for us. Very kind and very skillful until the rain came – we say thanks!

Here are the concert recording and some photographic impressions:






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