I’ve seen demons & Kazehito

echokammer 26 / 05. November 2016

echokammer in November was the occassion to welcome Musicians from Berlin and Tokyo.

I’ve seen Demons came with analogue and electronic machinery, calm and concentrated stage personalities and a colourful tapestry of sound. Weaved carefully, using both recordings and sounds they created during their live sets. Guitar, steel wool, Styrax: all part of two intense sets. Their psychedelic visuals completed the mental journey they took us on.

Kazehito impressed again with the incredible variety of sounds produced by his own voice. This time he created a more restrained set than during his last performance in echokammer. Gurgling, clicking, growling, humming, overtone singing, shouting and mysterious ways made an impressive one-man symphony.

We would like to thank all artists. We were honoured to have you as our guests. Also, we would like to say thanks to our audience who as always was kind, attentive and very welcome! We’re looking forward to seeing you again in December, folks.

Here are some photographic impressions and the video recordings: