Kazehito & Suspicion Breeds Confidence

echokammer 13 / 05. September 2015

September, the 5th: the echokammer opened up its doors again and we are looking back at an evening full of surprises.

Suspicion Breeds Confidence presented a very elegant, sophisticated set with voice samples, layers of sound and a slideshow with historical illustrations of marine diversity. The book of Job, providing us with questions rather than answers and a calm, skilled set of hands will remain in our memories for a long time.

Kazehito is a voiz, we were told before the event. But what a difference it made to hear these gifted vocal chords live! Starting with breathing sounds we got to hear a wide spectrum of sounds that were celebrating the power of this unique instrument within the human body. Shrieking, breaking, humming, shouting, grunting and whispering Kazehito showed an enourmous stage presence and inwardness. His voice control and ability to alter epressions left us in awe.

We would like to thank both artists for their inspiring performances and for being helpful and friendly persons.

Thank you very much also to you, dear guests, for your open ears. We are very grateful for your feedback, a lively discussion and lots of exchange with you after both performances.

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recordings: