Kirchheim vs. N(S)N & POEMBEAT

echokammer 12 / 01. August 2015

The echokammer on August, the 1st again offered two unique live performances.

Poembeat, a very skilled and experienced guitar player and live performer, gave us the blues. Which means he played beautiful melancholic guitar music in a calm way, but also gave us a lot to think about. Voice samples in the form of intense poetry made us really listen and reflect on behavioural patterns, unrest and all that is left unsaid ‒ even or especially within family bonds and in a political context. Thoughts and music intertwined, emotions were stirred.

Kirchheim vs. NSN were quite a change in program and lighting. We saw and heard two energetic musicians who took at their chance at re-programming our brains via visual and aural impulses. At least that was how it felt. Fast, flashy; sometimes almost violent and then suddenly playful. Experimental in more than one way; one should not miss this interaction of electronics and two rebellious minds. Goodbye monotony outside, hello moments.

A big THANK YOU to the three artists and our audience!

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recordings:




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