Komorebi & Albrecht Rau

echokammer 27 / 03. December 2016

In December echokammer presented a mix of poetry and nature-inspired music.

Albrecht Rau read poetry and short stories from a seemingly endless mass of material; he certainly is a very productive author. He is not afraid to speak about topics that most of us tend to avoid and has a very direct sense of humour. Revenge, Marketing directed to Truckers and insights into the process of writing were all part of his performance.

Also, winter once again brought wonderful guests from Japan to Augsburg. Komorebi were able to let us feel their love towards nature. The precise and sensitive drumming of Morihide Sawada accompanied the celtic harp and ethereal voice of Shizuku Aosaki. Her singing is spiritual, enchanting and reaches from soft hums to strong melodic expression. We would surely be glad to see Komorebi playing live again.

As echokammer ends its monthly rhythm, it is time for another heartfelt !thank you! to our audience. We were very moved yesterday to see the faces of valued visitors once again, to hear friendly words, to have a very gifted co-cook in the kitchen and get another warm cup of Mirabelle goodness. Thank you all and of course Sascha for a great time that lasted the whole duration of echokammer in the Ganze Bäckerei. You’ll hear from us again!

Here are some photographic impressions and the video recording of Komorebi: