Niku Senpuki & Noise Arcade

echokammer 06 / 07. February 2015

In a cold night in the beginning of February, it was time for Niku Senpuki and Noise Arcade to appear on the echokammer stage. Niku Senpuki did a great set including a dulcimer, an acoustic guitar, a wonderful mix of recorded and live vocals, a wok, more equipment and lots of passion.

Noise Arcade brought us safely over to the rhythmic shores of electronic island. We have to point out that aside from control pads there were also lots of wires and Michael Cupoli, who travelled all the way from China to listen to Germans asking him how their German sounds in his ears. Thank you, Noise Arcade for your impressive sound and performance.

Thank you also to the great and responsive audience, especially those who stayed during both sets. Kidding aside, we are glad that the echokammer guests make every event special and are kind people with an open mind who always give us a reason to open up the doors again.

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recording:




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