echokammer 18 / 06. February 2016

The echokammer of February 2016 brought a little change of scenery (moved and improved stage) and two very dedicated artists from Poland:

LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS alias Adam Mankowski played a calm, contemplative set for us. He brought laptop, samplers and a small synthie with him. Well-considered, sensitively arranged sounds created a peaceful atmosphere with room for own thoughts and feelings within the listeners. Small noises and melodies interacted with natural sounds and electronics. No additional visuals were guiding the perceptions. A very concentrated artist at work was to see and hear and centered our attention.

PIOTR CISAK had a rough evening before he arrived at the Ganze Bäckerei. All the more we would like to thank him for the energy and power of his performance. Piotr is a person with enourmous stage presence who shows his personality and moves the audience. To watch him play is exciting and very entertaining. He played his equipment which included an electric cello with admirable body tension and a great talent for momentous moves. His music was rhythmic, impulsive and tale-telling.

Dear visitors, thank you for joining us. More mirabelle punch means more vitamins and joy for our tastebuds, thank you, honourable donour! We were glad to see so many people clearly enjoying the two performances. We appreciate the exchange and conversations.

Until we meet again …

Here are some photographic impressions: