Ragamatic & echokammer zeitlos lyrik

echokammer 14 / 10. October 2015

echokammer in October: time for new experiences, as winter might arrive soon. We decided on Indian sun and carefully chosen words in a new order.

For the first time together on stage with their poetry were Gerald Fiebig and Birgit Merk. They were accompanied by a multilayer video from Marc Fischer of the Brezenstudio. Starting with the sound of a machine gun and an image of rusty iron, the voices of the authors came in. Poems written in collaboration and own work of both authors were read by them and skillfully arranged by Gerald Fiebig. Past, present, alone, together, near, far, heavenly and hostile: our shared impressions and thoughts for a great audience. Thank you, Gerald, thank you everybody!

Ragamatic from Weilheim brought two beautifully crafted Sitars to Augsburg. The artist operated them with knowledge, sentiment and skilled fingers. Not only when the audience arrived but also during the break between the two performances he played his concert Sitar without amp for us. He was also so kind for us to explain different kinds of Ragas and scales. From pentatonic harmony to narrative sadness he made us the gift of a broad spectrum of Sitar music and the theory behind the single ragas in short. In the electronically enhanced part he presented the music of his newly released album umbilicus which is available on attenuation circuit since October, 6th. The audience saw a slideshow with images of the brezenstudio, including many pictures from India. Electronic music and Sitar were interweaved to a very rich, imaginative mixture by Ragamatic. We all went east and met a culture that impressed us once again. A big thanks to the Reiner Heidorn from Weilheim who we hope to hear again and our guests. We enjoyed the time with you very much.

Here are some photographic impressions: