Tonfall 2015

echokammer 05 / 03. January 2015

This will remain an afternoon and a night to remember.
A big Thank You to all active participants at the “Tonfall at echokammer” event: EMERGE, HUMANHATE666, Jovan Jovanovic, Martina Vodermayer, Michael Herrmann, Niku Senpuki, Prinzip Nemesis  and “Tränen der Sehnsucht”. Also we are paying our respects to the guests who came to listen and really be surprised, as we had announced. Lyrics became paintings, voices became rhythm, guitars came alive, no one was harmed and all was in a constant flow without rules. See the colours, watch the gear and hopefully you will get an impression of the evening.
Regards, Brezenstudio and the echokammer team

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recordings:


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