UNII & Der 2te Freund & Herr Penschuck

echokammer 09 / 02. May 2015

The lovely month of May was the ideal time for a long anticipated echokammer event.

After complicated technical preparation Herr Penschuk gave us an update on the fascinating research methods at the crossroad between last century’s expressionism of Edvard Munch and today’s modern ways to generate Sound from the extreme feelings the empathy towards this painting can cause. His second performance was a great Live-Mix of Field Recordings about Labour.

DER 2TE FREUND started in a humble position towards the audience and worked with minimal equipment. We feel very honoured to have witnessed his very last performance with that project. The video with natural colours, pixelation and room for imagination was a perfect match for his music. Focussing and self-recognition, meditative sounds and volatile beauty filled the room.

Which is the connection leading to UNII, who gave us an insight into her beautiful, calm conciousness. Her ambient set was a pleasure for all senses. Field recordings of nature, human sounds and her soft, narrative voice created an ethereal soundscape. She was supported by the video art of Samuel Andre. Drifting, floating, reaching a place of longing… we can only thank her for the inspiration and unique journeys within she enabled.

A big thank you to all three artists and our great guests. We are glad you shared the experiences with us.

Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recording:





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