ZenDisco & Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse

echokammer 11 / 04. July 2015

July – the heatwave was also one of our guests. Three brave artists played for us despite high temperatures.

First Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse delighted us with some speech samples, strong beats and music that took us even back to the glorious days of nonsensical fashion statements and a rather unusual view on godly ignorance. A bold, unique and entertaining set featuring label artists of the Raktenbasis!

ZenDisco brought beautiful eastern instruments combined with electric gear and two sensitive artists to the echokammer. Gong, Mixer, electric guitar, singing bowl and bass were used and a broad spectrum of sounds and sonic effects were brought to stunning harmonies. A great example of attentive interaction between two very gifted musicians.

Thanks to all three artists and our wonderful audience for that summer saturday.


Here are some photographic impressions and the concert recordings:







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