Concert recording of the eleventh echokammer pt.2 is now online

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ZenDisco & Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse (Labelfeature) – LIVE











ZenDisco (Würzburg / Düsseldorf)

mg_7795_klAn experimental band coming from Italy and based now in Germany (Würzburg and Düsseldorf).
We are a duo composed by A.P. (tapes and live electronics) and Edoardo Micheli (various instruments such as viola, e-guitar, small percussions, e-bass and others).
We work mixing and hybridizing artificial pure sounds and amplified electronics and acoustic instruments, with a main focus on sonic matter. We are interested in unordinary perceptions and not dualistic experiences.

Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse / Labelfeature (Munich)

2013 im mega undergroundigen München Pasing gegründetes Spackenlabel von Sascha Schierloh, den man von Dhyana Records kennt. Erstes Release war im Februar 2013 eine 3way-Split 12″ LP mit kurzen Tracks von Bidol Cath und Rgyeue DF auf der A Seite sowie ein 19 minütiges IDM-“Hörspiel” von Cosmo Woslowski auf der B. Im August 2014 ging es als Tapelabel (Auflagen 20 – 50 Stück jeweils) weiter mit Alben von Fagottmädchen im Zharktechnostyle, Speedcore von Grauhandversteinerung, und ganz aktuell in der Pipe, einer Compilation von Kackegeruch. Desweiteren tummel sich auf RH noch illustre Gäste wie z.B. Hans-Joachim Hündgen, der Italiener Fabio Crivellaro, 480billion oder Venderstrooik aus den Niederlanden. Auch wird der guten alten Maxi-Singel im Promoeinheitscoverstyle wieder Tribut gezollt. Tapelängen pendeln zwischen C7 und C120. Artworktechnisch wird alles benützt, was die T€dimüllrampe und der umweltverpestende Billoonlinedruckservice so hervorbringen. Die dazugehörigen MP3s wurden teilweise erst auf Nachfrage auf Bandcamp hochgeladen, weil Bandcamp Arbeit bedeutet und hässlich ist.
Geplant ist eine Vinylpostkarte. Gute Labels brauchen Sublabels, die genau den gleichen Kram rausbringen aber auch lustige Namen haben und somit wurden Starting To Pestalozzi und Limbs gegründet. Limbs sind die Veranstalter des Waschmaschinenfestes, zu dem es die limitierte Compilation “Waschmaschinenfest 2K14” gab (C30).
Der Labelname ist übrigens beim gemeinsamen Anschauen einer Doku auf 3Sat über afrikanische Jugendliche, die speerartige Geschosse in die Luft jagten (“Ey geil, sowas brauch ich auch auf meinem Balkon – Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse! – HAHAHA!), entstanden.
Die Bauchladenadresse lautet

Den Abend bestreitet Labelboss Sascha Schierloh himself mit Kasendreher, DJ Controller und Minisampler (tbc)

Samstag / Saturday, 04.07.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Einlass / Doors: 20:00
Beginn / Start: 21:00 (pünktlich / on time)

empfohlene Spende: Euro 5

Concrete Cosmos, Re-Drum & B°Tong – LIVE !

Please note. This concert will take place on the 4th Saturday of march (28. March 2015). A week earlier than usual.



Concrete Cosmos (Italy)

Concrete Cosmos is a multimedia project by Ivan Re.
The creator is involved in music, sound art, video art and writing.
This performance is frequently showed with Cell infadel/Aekre.
His collaboration enriches the quality and create several layers, textures of sound.
Those sources come by sound synthesis, field recording editing, sampled sound, objects, electroacoustic instruments.
The visual layer is curated by Hmtl://S, whose work of abstraction from filmed reality aims to stimulate the watcher´s optic sense with blurred shapes, sharp colors.
Because of its complicated nature, no more words could be written to describe this performance which has an exact connection on the place and time when it happens.

B°Tong (Switzerland)

B°Tong aka Chris Sigdell is an experimental electronic musician. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures and pioneering ambient soundscapes while cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). A mysterious and shadowy figure he has ended up assembling sounds of such chilling creepiness that it makes Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 sound like a collection of sugar-coated lullabies. The sound of b°tong feels a lot like an agonizingly slow crawl through a dark tunnel where the dim light at the other end never gets closer.
He builds an interesting body of work that moves in various directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft microsound end to the more engaging noise end, in a clever combination of ideas…

Since 2005 he has played more than 200 concerts in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA, and has appeared at various experimental and industrial festivals such as: Norberg Festivalen (S), Temple Of Silence (PL), PNEM (NL), Støy På Landet (N), Monsters Of Rot (IRL), Destroy All Artifacts (UK), Unser Industrie (DE), Ausklang (DE), Shift (CH), Lab30 (DE), Kildemose Festivalen (DK), Zeit Für Lärm (DE), Sinus Series (CH).

b°tong has released over 10 albums on labels like Drone Records (DE), Zoharum Records (PL), Attenuation Circuit (DE), Noecho Records (UK) and Gears Of Sand (USA). b°tong is now signed to Greytone (I) who released “Hostile Environments” on digipack CD and download in 2013. Silken Tofu (B) will release the new album “Prostration Before Infinity” this winter. 

Re-Drum (Russia)

Re-Drum is a project of Pavel Aleshin, experimental musician from Russia. He uses field recordings and found sounds, his own voice, acoustic instruments and non musical objects to create a living environment, oscilating from warm calmness to ritualistic depths.
During past years Re-Drum played numerous amount of gigs all over Europe, sharing stage with Tzolk’in, Ratbag, Zbignew Karkowski, Roman Nose, Rovar 17 and others.

Samstag / Saturday, 28.03.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Einlass / Doors: 20:00
Beginn / Start: 21:00 (pünktlich / on time)

empfohlene Spende: Euro 5