Concert recordings of the fifth echokammer are now online

Some photographic impressions …



Echokammer in January: come and listen to an improvised concert of the Tonfall workshop


Tonfall 2015
a cake has lots of pieces / Ein Kuchen besteht aus vielen Stücken

On January, the 3rd we are planning a special echokammer event. Tonfall will come to the echokammer. So you are going to see an experimental, improvised concert of people who have never played together before in this constellation and created something from noon to 6:30 on the same day. Are you ready for a surprise? Then you are welcome!

See and hear the sounds and images of the last Tonfall events: (2013 is still missing)

The concert will take place in the evening as usually, doors for concert visitors will open at 08:00 pm.

Saturday / Samstag, 03.01.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Doors 20:00

recommended donation /
empfohlene Spende: Euro 5