Concert recording of the seventh echokammer is now online

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Java Delle & Piotr Cisak + Paweł Oleksiński & Best Friend Machine – LIVE !


Java Delle (Hamburg)


Java Delle used to be punk but its still punk.
Java Delle used to be noise but its is still noise.
So no one has the intention to repeat anything.
Which is just not true.

Piotr Cisak (Gdansk, Poland)


Piotr Cisak (Kepa Yew) comes from Gdansk (4 year old episode in Krakow)
Operates the blog „Prima-Materia”. He led the radio broadcasts from Radiofonia for a year (2011/12).
He co-stared artists like: Jan Jelinek, Aidan Baker, Leah Buckareff, Nadja, Mathias Delplanque, Plaid, Martyn, William Basinski, Andy Stott, AnD, Loscil, Talvihorros, Iroha , Dadub, Milton Bradley, Jacaszek.
He also performed at the Festival Audioriver 2012, Ambient Park 2012, VII After Party Tauron Nowa Muzyka.

Paweł Oleksiński (Gdansk, Poland)


Percussionist, playing traditional Polish music, musical theater co ‘śpiewogry’. Creates installations on the border of musical theater and music, inspired by the surrounding sounds in everyday life.

Best Friend Machine (Hamburg)

best friend machine live in toulouse_kl

Best Friend Machine does noise. Harsh noise.
Volume at low level or volume at high level.
Only one thing is certain! It’s always gonna be intense.

Samstag / Saturday, 07.03.15

Die Ganze Bäckerei
Frauentorstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg

Einlass / Doors: 20:00
Beginn / Start: 21:00 (pünktlich / on time)

empfohlene Spende: Euro 5